Save time and STILL help your friends…

This is a great example of the “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day” adage.

If you have friends, coworkers, etc who are always asking you questions that they could just as easily look up themselves, this is for you. Next time this person asks you one of these questions, simply go to, enter the appropriate search, and you will be given a link to give the the person who is apparently unable to use Google themselves.

Brilliantly done!

You have another question? Here, let me Google that for you!

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Zombie Porn!

Have you ever had that urge where you want to see sexy, attractive women who have been ripped to shreds, reanimated, and are now posing evocatively for the camera?

If you have, go to and buy one (or 20!) of their pinup calendars (and please, please, please don’t tell us about it!

[ Link submitted by CurtisP ]

The overview of the calendar showing all 12 months of pinups

Jane Doe #27-4138-722-1F bobbing for apples

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What happened in 1893?

Ever wonder what hapened on a particular date in history (like your birthday)? How about a particular year (”I know that year was important, I just can’t remember why!”)?

There are a lot of sites out there to help with that (even WikiPedia to a degree), but I found the wonderfully named Spiritus Temporis to be both easy to use and fairly comprehensive.

Pick a year in history and give it a shot - you might be surprised what you learn!

The site’s a little ad-heavy, but they’re reasonably well targeted to your search (Google!).

The date search allows you to specify whichever information you want and leave the rest blank

I searched on the year 1893 and found that my favorite symphonics piece premiered that year!
(to avoid sound overly snobish, I’ll admit that I can only name like 5 pieces of symphonic music, but still…)

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Bloxor - an online, rolly steel blocky thing puzzle game

Bloxor was, at the time of it’s creation, a one-of-a-kind sort of game. The idea is to roll the little cube(ish) thing around and get it to slide, satisfyingly, down into the little square hole.

It sounds simple (and sometimes it can be), but it’s also insidiously misleading.

This is one of those “you have to try it to “get” it.

So do that (try it, I mean).

This is the start of one of the aforementioned “insidiously misleading” levels.

Same level, I’m about to finish, I just have to stand up the block in the whole and I’m done!
(Ignore that 367 Moves thing, that HAS to be a mistake, doesn’t it?)

And of course there are a plethora of cool little wrenches to throw in the works - this one is a teleporter!

- Play Bloxor in your Browser -

POTRTP: If you ever find yourself zombified…

POTRTP = Picture Of The Random Time Period, I.E. I’ll put ‘em up when I find ‘em!



At least you’ll know how to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet!

Oh sure, let’s just add PHYSICS and make it HARDER!

99Bricks is very distantly a “Tetris-Like” game that’s a little different. The blocks follow real world physics and the goal is to stack them as high as possible.

This is significantly more difficult than you might imagine. The blocks slide around, roll off, shift under the weight of new blocks, etc.

You get a trophy icon if you can manage a tower or 350, but I never even made 300!

What, you think you can do better? Just TRY it, buddy!


Here I am in mid-topple. The game doesn’t end here, of course, I still have 38 Bricks to stack!

- 99 Bricks -