Battle of the Sleeve Blankets (Plus a Robe)

About a year back, we reviewed The Slanket - a blanket with sleeves that allows you to be warm and still have your hands free.

Gizmodo just did an article comparing several of the better known brands (If you read no further, take away this - they REALLY recommend against the Snuggie!).

They compare size, warmth, comfort, price, etc. They even cover the extravagent Blancoat - $300+ and made from Icelandic wool!

If anyone gets a Blancoat, let me know, I wanna try it out!


The Gizmodo correspondent wearing all four of the sleeved blankets - I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think they designed to be interoperable… Is there an interface standard for this sort of thing?

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One of the best T-Shirts EVER!

The picture and ad speak for themselves - ‘Nuff said!


But I don’t think that’s how you spell “Khkello,” is it?

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Does Apple have Microsoft on the Run?

Microsoft is in the midst of releasing a major web campaign to show the world that Windows PCs are “cheaper” than Mac counterparts. The article referenced below may be biased (since it’s from Apple Insider), but there have been a lot of indications lately of Microsoft becoming nervous at the growing market that Apple has (finally) founded.

There are a LOT of similar articles out there right now, but I think the Apple Insider one comes about the closest to my own outlook that I’ve seen so far.

Long Live the Free Market!


Microsoft’s take on the cost comparison

But I thinks this is a little closer to the truth

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